Meet Iz & Liv Films


Manny Peralta - Photographer/Videographer


Hi!  My name is Manny, and I'm a photographer/videographer in the heart of Orlando, FL.  With a background and love for music and art, photography was a natural progression feeding my fascination for all things artistic.

I specialize in delivering high quality, unique and engaging content, in a very short time frame.  I love working with businesses to create awesome content for their social media.  

I believe that you should be able to enjoy your photoshoot, and I will do anything to get you to laugh and feel comfortable for the time we spend together. 

"The best part of photography is seeing how excited people get when they get a specific moment captured, knowing they can hold onto and look back at that memory forever."

Ashley Peralta - Photographer/2nd Videographer

My name is Ashley, and I'm the second half of EP Photos.  I have a cosmetology and barbers license, have an interest in cooking and baking, and am very organized (at least when it comes to work!)

Chances are, I'm the first one you'll actually speak with on the phone when we have a consultation, I also handle a majority of the paperwork, and scheduling. 

I'm also the more emotional one, I love love, and adore all of the heart string pulling moments.  Aaaand I'll admit I do love cheesy moments too... 

But besides that, I love photographing details, tweaking things here and there to make sure everything is just perfect.  Finding the beauty in small things is what makes me happy... (can someone say cheesy?!) haha

Anyways, we can't wait to work with you, so please head over to the Contact tab and reach out so you can get your free consultation! Talk to you soon!